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[AMPS] Running a 3-500Z in the horiz. plane

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Subject: [AMPS] Running a 3-500Z in the horiz. plane
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 22:54:34 -0800

>Can a 3-500Z be mounted and operated in the horizonal position rather than
>vertically as is the norm? 

The  filament helices sag slowly when a 3-500Z  is lit in the horiz. 
position.  .  

>I've been digging through the WestCoast Handbook,
>older (the good ones) ARRL Handbooks and I am unable to find anything

Eimac says base up or base down only.  
>Why can 572Bs be successfully ran in the horiz. position?
Because 572Bs use a W shaped filament instead of a helical filament.  

-  later, Lane


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