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[AMPS] Running a 3-500Z in the horiz. plane

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Subject: [AMPS] Running a 3-500Z in the horiz. plane
From: (Jim AH6OY)
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 21:29:22 -1000
    Because the grid is hanging is such a way that around 95 % is going up
and down with the other 5 % in contact with what makes it stay in that
shape. Thus a hot wire doesn't sag much when running up and down. Now if it
were rotated 90 degree's in the same horizontal configuration like it has
been before by guy's having the socket configured so the 95% is running
horizontal you'll find out it isn't just any old run it horizontal tube. Not
all of the first tubes of the 572B were good at horizontal from what I've
heard also.The grid has to be perpendicular to the ground or sky or the two
left feet for some of us.
            73  Jim  AH6OY
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Subject: [AMPS] Running a 3-500Z in the horiz. plane

>Can a 3-500Z be mounted and operated in the horizonal position rather than
>vertically as is the norm? I've been digging through the WestCoast
>older (the good ones) ARRL Handbooks and I am unable to find anything
>Why can 572Bs be successfully ran in the horiz. position?
>Lane Zeitler
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