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[AMPS] Radiation cooling

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Subject: [AMPS] Radiation cooling
From: (Steve)
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 10:20:42 -0500
At 09:00 AM 2/5/99 -0500, William L. Fuqua III wrote:
>  I have a large blower on my 4-1000A and at 6KV it does not 
>seem to glow quite a bright has I remember it should. My blower
>has a 8" squirrel cage and the outlet is almost 4 or 5 inches square.
>It is not enough to blow the tube out of the socket but it may
>someday.HI HI HI. The only reason I used it is because  I got it
>at a hamfest for $5.

Hello all,

This did make me chuckle because I envisioned the same thing at the
Richmond, VA hamfest a couple of weeks ago. 

Some fellow was selling one of those blower/vacuum devices used at your
banks drive up window to move the deposits thru the vacuum tubes.  It was
about 30-36" in diameter and looked like a large thin radial blower or
turbo charger.  He was selling it as a blower to cool BIG amps.  

I can just imagine tube going ballistic (literally.)  Fire one!

73 de Steve, NJ4F
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