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[AMPS] MFJ-259 and matching circuits

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Subject: [AMPS] MFJ-259 and matching circuits
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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 10:06:16 EST
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 An interesting test would be to plot the input VSWR of the amp as a 
 function of drive level. If the departure from linear behavior is as 
 significant as everyone seems to be claiming, then you would expect 
 to see a change in VSWR as a function of drive level. 

I tune the suckers (input or output circuits) like this:
Lookup in the books (or calculate) ballpark values of tuned circuit
components. Wire them in. Bring them into ballpark with dipper or MFJ. Fire up
the ugly amp and adjust the components for maximum output (or min SWR), first
at lower power, then at full load, full bore. Tweak the L or C, mark it for
future reference, button it up and operate. This includes all the variables
that come to play, even connectors. Just watch the HV!

Yuri K3BU

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