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[AMPS] Eimac 4CX600J comments?

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Subject: [AMPS] Eimac 4CX600J comments?
From: (Scott Townley)
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 19:56:37
I was just browsing thru my Eimac catalog and noticed the
4CX600J...designed for AB1 service, low IMD specs, reasonable PS
requirements, could use the ubiquitous 4X150/4CX250 sockets...
I'm curious why I've not seen these in use in amateur equipment.  Seems a
pair of them would be preferred to a single 4CX1000A (total grid diss. 2W
instead of 0W; plus 200W reserve plate diss.).  Is there a rap on these or
are they "undiscovered"?
Just curious...thanks in advance.
Scott Townley  
Gilbert, AZ
Collector of:
        Stoddard Aircraft EMI/RFI receivers and accessories
        Big Parts for that Big Linear Amp 
        70's era RF test equipment HP/GR/Tek
        Radio-related technical reference material 1940+ (someday might have useful info!)

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