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[AMPS] Input Tuned Circuits with Powdered Iron Toroids

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Subject: [AMPS] Input Tuned Circuits with Powdered Iron Toroids
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 21:43:22 -0600
>As many builders of G-G amps have discovered, the efficiency of a G-G
>amp is significantly better if the input tuned circuit is located
>immediately adjacent to the tube socket.  Even six inches of RG-58
>between the tuned circuit and the tube socket significantly reduces
>efficiency, especially on 10 meters.

Interesting.  Why is this?  It seems like it could make for a rather 
crowded tube compartment.  The loss of any coax at HF seems minimal, and 
all that having a transmission line in there would do would be to rotate 
you on the Smith Chart back toward the source a slight amount before you 
apply your matching networks.  So why does it make a difference in 
efficiency?  What am I missing?



Jon Ogden
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