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[AMPS] 100k 50 watt resistor

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Subject: [AMPS] 100k 50 watt resistor
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 01:38:51 -0800

>im using it as a bleeder along with 2 others same value  limited space
>dentron dtr2000  doing  k5wl mod   two just get too hot need and only
>have room for one more same value help knock edge off.
>thanks chris  ni4l

Higher current bleed on a C-filter hv supply is as useful as teats on a 
boar hog.  However, in a resonant-choke filter this is not the case.  For 
a 4000v supply with a C-filter, I would use (8) Matsushita 100k-ohm, 
3w-rated mof resistors in series.  We have sold  over 5k of them 
(48-cents)  for retrofitting in SB-220s, Alphas, et cetera, and to date, 
no reported probs.  .    .  
>Rich Measures wrote:
>> >
>> >100k 50 watt resistor  any body have one ?
>> >thanks chris  ni4l
>> >
>> ?  Chris:  Is this for a resonant-choke filtered supply or a simple
>> C-filtered supply?
>> Rich...


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