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[AMPS] Edge wound .1-40 uH Variable from SSN - comments-?

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Subject: [AMPS] Edge wound .1-40 uH Variable from SSN - comments-?
From: (Carsten Esch)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 11:14:47 +0100
Anyone with comments on the above mentioned inductor? How would this
thing work in a 

a. 3CX1500A7 amp
b. 3CX3000A7 amp

covering 160-10m ? Or should I wound again my own coil?


Carsten, DL6LAU

­ 2-10 kw Power Handling ­
­ Taper Wound Front End ­
­ Edge Wound Coil All Silver Plated ­

(IRV)RI-40: It's here at last! The ultimate variable inductor. Isn't
your tuner or amplifier project worth the very best? Made exclusively
for Surplus Sales of Nebraska.

.1-40 uH variable edge wound inductor. Taper wound lower end (higher Q)
for better results beyond 20 MHz. Enough inductance for work below 160
meters too. All rf surfaces are thick silver plated. Quad 10 amp 
contact sets on all rotating connections; coil to rotar; rotor to shaft
armature; shaft armature to end 
plate contacts. There are no weak links with our mil-spec design.

Perfect for 2-10 kw antenna tuners, tank network for amplifier or
anywhere a larger, high Q, variable inductance is required. Be sure to
use our Turns Counter (SHW)TCV.

5" wide, 5-1/4" high, 12-1/2" end to end, maximum dimensions. 1/4"
shaft. Optional end stop kit for motor drive schemes. Add $ for kit, pn

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