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[AMPS] Edge wound .1-40 uH Variable from SSN - comments-?

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Subject: [AMPS] Edge wound .1-40 uH Variable from SSN - comments-?
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 12:16:28 -0800

>On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 11:14:47 +0100 Carsten Esch
><> writes:
>>Anyone with comments on the above mentioned inductor? How would this
>>thing work in a 
>>a. 3CX1500A7 amp
>>b. 3CX3000A7 amp
>>covering 160-10m ? Or should I wound again my own coil?
>It sounds great but the proof is when it is used and survives several
>years of tuning. 

?  amen.  

>It also seems a bit of an overkill for an 8877.

?   How could we possiblly know this if the dimension of the ribbon was 
not given?   The tank circulating-current in an 8877 amplifier can easily 
be 13A-rms.   E>F. Johnson rated their 12.7mm/0.5"  ribbon inductors 
(222-series) at 15A.  

>Many have reported problems with arcing and parasitics when a roller coil
>is used, particularly the large edgewound Multronics style.

?   I used such an inductor in my 8171 amplifier.  I shorted the unused 
turns with 5/8" strap.  There was no arcing at the inductor.  However, 
there was initially an, intermittent  vhf parasite.  The cure was to use 
a lower vhf-Q anode parasitic-suppressor.  
>Any idea who actually manufacturers the coil? I hope it is not a certain
>West Coast outfit.

?  Are you thinking about the mfg. that uses Delrin for coil forms in 
roller coils.?

>What is the price?
?  Surplus Sales sells the 5.uH Collins 180t roller-L for $35.  Fair 
Radio sells the same item for $10.

>73  Carl  KM1H
>>Carsten, DL6LAU
>>? 2-10 kw Power Handling ?
>>? Taper Wound Front End ?
>>? Edge Wound Coil All Silver Plated ?
>>(IRV)RI-40: It's here at last! The ultimate variable inductor. Isn't
>>your tuner or amplifier project worth the very best? Made exclusively
>>for Surplus Sales of Nebraska.

>>.1-40 uH variable edge wound inductor. Taper wound lower end (higher 
>>Q) for better results beyond 20 MHz. Enough inductance for work below 160
>>meters too. All rf surfaces are thick silver plated. Quad 10 amp 
>>contact sets on all rotating connections; coil to rotar; rotor to 
>>shaftarmature; shaft armature to end 
>>plate contacts. There are no weak links with our mil-spec design.
?  "This ship is absolutely unsinkable due to the use of watertight 

>>Perfect for 2-10 kw antenna tuners, tank network for amplifier or
>>anywhere a larger, high Q, variable inductance is required. Be sure to
>>use our Turns Counter (SHW)TCV.
>>5" wide, 5-1/4" high, 12-1/2" end to end, maximum dimensions. 1/4"
>>shaft. Optional end stop kit for motor drive schemes. Add $ for kit, 


R. L. Measures, 805-386-3734, AG6K,  

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