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[AMPS] Power switches

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Subject: [AMPS] Power switches
From: (Loren Moline WA7SKT)
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 20:29:50 -0800
Although some may say that the less parts the better I believe that an
extra relay in a power supply is not really too much.

I use the resistors in the primary more to limit inrush current so that I
can fuse the primary to a lower value and eliminate the high voltage fuse.

Some may disagree with this but one doesnt need any more places for an arc
in the high voltage than already exist.

High voltage fuses can be gotten but are not plentiful unless I know where
to get them.

With a relay for main power to the primary, the switch never even sees one
amp of current.

I realize people dont want to redesign their power supplies but I dont
prefer the main switch to carry a high current.

Loren   WA7SKT

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