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[Fwd: [AMPS] Edge wound .1-40 uH Variable from SSN - comments-?]

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Subject: [Fwd: [AMPS] Edge wound .1-40 uH Variable from SSN - comments-?]
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Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 13:35:01 -0500

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999 18:12:07 -0800 "Jim" <> writes:
>I saw the "jig" that is used to roll the coil in the Nye Viking MB V 
>A, at
>the factory in north Idaho. Hard to explain, but really works neat!!   
>some wheels and rollers.....hooked to a lathe at very slow speed.....
>BTW Rich and Carl, What do you think of the idea that Henry uses for 
>tanks in some of there amps. ??

That was covered in depth here a month or so ago. It should all be in the
archives. Suffice it to say that where Henry is concerned there is seldom
any middle ground or lack of opinions. 

73  Carl  KM1H

>Having a fixed value of C tune, and a roller coil for the "plate 
>..It uses a Pi-L and a standard loading cap.   There is no C tune used 
>on 10
>and 15 meters. Just the tube and stray capacitance. The amps put out a 
>1500 watts on 10 and 15 meters both......(2kd5)....They use "door 
>knobs" for
>the tune caps. Using a neat switching arrangement for selecting 
>Besides the high filament voltage and the low value of R across the
>electrolytic caps, the amp works great....
>Comments please...
>What is the current through the door knob caps ?
>Thanks and 73
>Jim W7RY
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>Date: Friday, February 12, 1999 9:55 AM
>Subject: RE: [Fwd: [AMPS] Edge wound .1-40 uH Variable from SSN -
>>How do they actually do the edge winding? Must take a fair amount of 
>>to bend the strip on edge, so what's the magic technique?
>>Peter G3RZP
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