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[AMPS] L-Net calculations: Am I doing something wrong?

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Subject: [AMPS] L-Net calculations: Am I doing something wrong?
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 99 09:11:14 -0600
>>The 4-1000A has an output impedance of 4600 Ohms (according to Eimac) at 
>>5KV anode voltage.
>?  RL depends on the ZSAC.  With higher idle current, RL decreases.  
>Using RL=DCV/2 x I-anode, at 0.8A, RL=3.125k-ohms.   Designing for a Q of 
>15 at 28MHz, a Pi-L with an intermediate Z of 300-ohms, XC1=208 ohms,  
>C1=26pF.  L1=1.5uH.  L2=0.64uH.  C-load=129pF.  Subtracting 10pF for the 
>C-anode + stray C, C-tune is 18pF.  The min. C of a UCS-300 is 5pF.  Have 
>I missed something?

Whoa!  You suggest running the ZSAC at 0.8 Amps???  All the specs show it at 
100 mA.  You are talking about a HUGE amount of bias current and poor 
efficiency to boot.

IMHO, 0.8A of ZSAC isn't really realizable.

Did I miss something?



Jon Ogden

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