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[AMPS] What (modern) tube to use?

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Subject: [AMPS] What (modern) tube to use?
From: (Terry Gaiser)
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 07:40:31 -0800
Understand your concern Joe. Henry has been producing am amplifier or
two with this tube to this day since it was introduced by Eimac. 
Best Regards,
Terry W6RU

"Joe Subich, W8IK/4" wrote:
> Terry,
> > Consider the 3CX1200A7. This IS a 3-1000Z in a ceramic-metal package. A
> > very rugged, instant on, tube.
> The 3CX1200A7 (instant on, reasonable drive/gain, etc.) is certainly an
> interesting tube but I'm concerned that the only commercial user seems
> to be Ameritron and I have my doubts about the long term availability of
> a tube designed for the amateur market that is not getting a lot of use.
> The Ameritron amplifiers seem to have suffered from "marketing redesign"
> according to user reports and the quality of the components used in the
> plate circuit don't seem to be up to heavy duty operation (RTTY contesting,
> etc.).
> 73,
>    ... Joe Subich, W8IK/4  ex-AD8I
>        <W8IK@IBM.NET>

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