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[AMPS] What (modern) tube to use?

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Subject: [AMPS] What (modern) tube to use?
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 05:43:22 -0800

>> ?   The good news is that the 8171 does not need to be left on because it
>> is "instant on".  Thus, it makes no heat when laying in wait.    When I
>> ran one, I found that I needed it only occasionally.  During the summer,
>> I opened the window to let the heat escape.  During the Winter, I used it
>> to take the chill off of the room in the mornings.
>Still, 550 watts of filament power and 120 to 150 CFM of airflow (Svetlana
>data sheets) seem a bit hefty for an amateur amateur amplifier.  Of course,
>it looks like one of the 200 watt rigs will drive the 8170 or 8171 to 10 KW
>output with a 400 Ohm grid resistor and a 9:1 autotransformer in the input
>circuit.  All in all ... not an amplifier really appropriate for amateur

?  People purchase automobiles that will go faster than the 65 miles per 
hour speed limit.  My wife drives one that will go 3db faster.  The 
8171/4CX10,000D can be run at 10db gain or 20db gain.  However, amateur 
radio operators should use no more power than is necessary to 
communicate.   I would like to see one dx-pedition where no one who is 
received at more than an S-7 signal level on a calibrated S-meter 
receives a QSL card.  


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