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[AMPS] What (modern) tube to use?

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Subject: [AMPS] What (modern) tube to use?
From: (frank ayers jr)
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 22:48:22 -0500
Right after WC6W wrote -

1.   What will pass muster for a FCC type approval and the way the rules
are crafted, in a vain attempt to preclude operation on 27 MHz, almost
forces a grounded grid triode solution.  

A friend of mine sent me this ad from Ebay - 

>I've got a THREE TUBE 8877 three phase ac mobile with
>all perfect Eimac 8877's with Teflon chimneys and complete
>full Eimac sockets. Comes with Jennings Vacum Variable 
>tuner and special "22" hand wound heavy duty choke.
>25KV blocking caps for high rpm's on that power supply. 
>Teflon coax and Teflon So-239's. This will also run in 
>house(with house B+ supply)

Love to see that alternator


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