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[AMPS] Maxwell paper caps - specs and polarity?

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Subject: [AMPS] Maxwell paper caps - specs and polarity?
From: (Mike Tubby G8TIC)
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 13:05:16 +0000

I recently purchased a Maxwell paper cap from Bob Grinell of Surplus
Sales but he is unable to provide the full specs for the unit.

The cap is 42uF at 5Kv, Maxwell part number 30633.

I would like to know the rated ripple current (at 100Hz) and max temprature
rating, so that I can make sure that I use it inside spec. in a 8877 amp
for 50MHz.

The cap has two 1/4" blade connectors - one colored black one brown -
which is positive?  Its not marked on the can.  I'm pretty sure that brown
is positive since removing the shorting link has caused it to charge up
to about 13V with +ve on the brown and -ve on the black.  I'm just
cautious since I have come across some strange colour conventions
on US made equipment before :-)

Any further info on Maxwell caps would be appreciated.

Mike G8TIC

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