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[AMPS] Hamfest amp

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Subject: [AMPS] Hamfest amp
From: (Shane KI4M/KV4I)
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 03:40:02 -0000
        While I was rummaging around the bone yard this weekend at a local 
I can across a CB amplifier maker with his pride and joy on display. He was
driving a suburban with so many batteries I lost count. One top were some
home made antennas supposedly in phase. This was a competition mobile. He
had meters for everything from current to power to voltage etc etc; the list
goes on all located on the dash. What really caught my eye was his display
etc. He had HV mobile supplies etc just for show. Inside was the real show.
He had an amp with 3 (yes 3!!) 3CX3000 tubes.. yes 3CX3000. I am sure glad
he didn't decide to key up while I was within a mile of him. He was running
7/8" hard-line on the output to the antennas. My point is it is such a shame
for this type of amp go to such a useless cause. I have roughly calculated
that the output would be in the 16KW range in class C. Could someone confirm
this for me. If he knew what the RF field was I wonder if he would think
twice before rearranging his DNA....

73's de
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