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Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 12:10:29 EST
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<<  I am sure glad
 he didn't decide to key up while I was within a mile of him. He was running
 7/8" hard-line on the output to the antennas. My point is it is such a shame
 for this type of amp go to such a useless cause. I have roughly calculated
 that the output would be in the 16KW range in class C. Could someone confirm
 this for me. If he knew what the RF field was I wonder if he would think
 twice before rearranging his DNA.... >>

Looks like scare based on baseless "research" of N6NB and resulting RF
exposure rules by FCC. Hundreds of people worked on BC transmitters being
exposed to kilo if not megawatts and they live happy life in their 80 - 90s.
You might get sterile for a while, or a bit irritated, but that's it. If the
guy operating tht CB monster is alive, then I wouldn't worry about it much.
VHF and higher up frequencies can warm or cook us up, but at HF we are more
less transparrent. Actually RF is being used to "cook" the cancer cells. So it
might be actually interesting to find out that people around big Ham
installations and BC station don't have as much cancer occurence as those in
RF quiet areas. 
Yea - Don't drink water, don't eat meat, don't breathe, don't go in RF field,
sit in a can with oxygen. Hi
Off to have my cigar, big juicy steak and then fire up the "boiler" with

Don't worry, be happy (in RF).
Yuri K3BU

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