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[AMPS] Series Tuned Tank?

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Subject: [AMPS] Series Tuned Tank?
From: (Randall D. DuCharme)
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 19:45:13 -0500

I'm a new ham eager to build his first amplifier.  Done lots with tube
audio in the past but RF is definitely a different animal.  For my first
project I intend to use 813s.  They were cheap, I have an abundance of
them, and if I zorch a few in the learning process, I won't be too

My question is this.... In going over the RCA TT-5 manual I found in the
section on tank circuits that you can use a 'series tuned tank' as a way
of defeating high output capacitance.  It doesn't give formulae however,
for calculating the values the tank's members other than to state that
you should use a series tuning capacitor with a value several times
larger than that of the tube's capacitance.  Nor does it say anything
about the effectiveness of the tank in filtering unwanted emissions.  I
have a couple of Bill Orr's books and a few Arrl handbooks but can't
find anything on this type of tank circuit in them.

Has anyone even done this?  Where can I find out more about it?

Many thanks.

Randall D DuCharme  (KD5IZI)  Proud to be 100% Microsoft Free!

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