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[AMPS] If you cant run with the big dogs!

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Subject: [AMPS] If you cant run with the big dogs!
From: (Will)
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 18:04:29 -0700
Please !!!
This subject has been taken care of outside the reflector.
Thanks a bunch 73 Will,  K6NDV

AMPS reflector

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Subject: [AMPS] If you cant run with the big dogs!

> On October 25 Remi writes:
> Hello ALL,
> As you can see one guy is compeating with all the world. But the real
> winners are YOU - just try to remember his first prices and what he are
> offering now. I ever never compeating with stupid sellers - who will
> sell lower. Just ask him to compensate the difference.
> To let you know the price Tom having the GU74b tube is 50USD shipped so
> go ahead and hanggle with him. I never saw so nervous persone before.
> GOOD LUCK TOM.....................
> Remi LY2MW
> ==================================
> Remi If you cant stand the heat why don't you just get out of the
> kitchen? I am not the one who started this price war, you are! And yes
> the hams are the winners.

Actually no one wins in the long run.In the Musical equipment supply market
this I will not be undersold attitude has made many good people leave the
industry in the UK.The service quality to the end user is virtually NIL.If
everyone undercuts everyone else then profits reduce to the point that
no-one can be bothered to provide the service that Anton, Remi, Alex and
yourself provide.You are all selling the tubes at a good price, you are all
honest and honourable men and to see you squabbling in Public like this
makes me sad.You should co-operate and sell the tubes at a price that gives
you all a reasonable profit.Remember Tom some people have less disposable
income than others.

> Let's face it Remi, you just cant compete, if you could you would have
> offered an even cheaper price to the good people here on the reflector
> than I have, but you didn't do that did you?

Not necessarily, he may have been slightly angered and said enough is

 No, all you did was to make
> personal attacks at me and say things like I am a "stupid seller".

Indiscriminate cost cutter was probably the sentiment he was trying to imply
but it is Remi's second language here.

> I am afraid you have a lot to learn about the US way of doing business
> Remi. You see when someone starts cutting prices, we have a little thing
> here in the US called "COMPETITION"

Unfortunately this COMPETITION is out of hand sometimes and is one of
America's lesser attractive tr

I am sure that is a totally unheard
> of concept since you come from a country that had the economy controlled
> by the government for nearly 50 years.

Was that absolutely necessary?

> But "competition" means that if you lower your prices, I am going to
> lower mine, and if I lower mine to a price with which you can not
> compete, then the only thing left for you to do is shut up and accept
> things the way they are.

While we are "nation bashing", I think assuming that everyone is stupid and
patronising the world is another one of America's less attractive traits.

 That is the way a man would act, but what do
> you do, you get on the reflector and piss and moan about someone beating
> your prices.
> So unless you can offer the guys on here an even cheaper price than what
> I have, why don't you just shut up and learn to act like a real man.
> Would you like to buy some tubes Remi?
> ha ha ha ha ha. Remember you are the one that brought this to the
> reflector in the first place, and not me.
> I would like to remind all of you that I am still selling my Svetlana
> gu74b/4cx800a tubes with new matching sockets for $100.00. These tubes
> all come in the factory boxes, and many, (not all) are still sealed in
> plastic. All tubes have a 90 day warranty (see my website for details)
> I have said it before and I will say it again, I WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!!
> Sorry for this uncharacteristic outburst folks, but when someone starts
> calling me "stupid" just because they cant compete with my prices, and
> does it in a public forum.

Now that I agree with,
Remi should not have voiced his frustration on a public forum and was wrong
to use the word stupid.However should we really be having this on the amps
reflector.Leave the insults to the DAF debate which is just about to rear
its ugly head again.

I would buy tubes off any of you as you are all good guys! When you all calm
down, perhaps you could get together and work something out.You all need to
make a little money for holding the stock, providing the info and upholding
the warranties.

 I am not going to just sit and take it. Now
> or ever.
> 73
> Tom Hix
> W4TH

By the way I do like America really :-)

(Flak Jacket engaged!)

73 de Conrad G0RUZ

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