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Subject: [AMPS] Re: Re: G2DAF Amps Circuit
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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 07:52:29 +0200

     I don´t care the slightest bit about that DB figure Rich.    
     All I know is that those DAF amps of CEW and BDZ "on the
     air" performance is excelent so yes I stand by my previus
     statement. It might not be easy getting a DAF working good
     but it can be done so just don´t call them off.
     In the upcomming CQWW contest you can listen to famous
     USA stations, and others also for that matter, that flat top,
     splatter, distort and plainly splatter and they are not runing
     DAF boxes. If you are lucky you might hear SM2CEW and
     he will sound just fine, or if you are even more lucky you
     will hear SM2EKM but he ain´t runing a DAF amp.
     By the way, one example to show how much people care.
     The other day I heard KH7R operated by CT1BOH and he 
     had massive distortion and also flattopping and a bit wide
     signal as result but main thing was that he sounded awful.
     So I called him up and reported my findings as hams done 
     for 100 years I guess, all he said was thank you and continued
     to operate, he simple didn´t care I guess. I sure all it would
     have taken was a adjustment of the gain controls.
     Another example, a fellow with a FT1000MP sounded just
     awful due too much gain (distortion and what not) so I told
     him about it and guess what he told me.Yes he said " I am
     operating my radio acording to the manual so that cant be"
     and he continued operating.
     I just ask myself, is there really any hope for humanity?
    Now I´m gonna go and dring coffe!!

    73, Jim SM2EKM

    PS: Listen for me in the CQWW, I will use call 7S2W on 15m,
    if there is any propagation that is.

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Ämne:   Re: [AMPS] Re:  G2DAF Amps Circuit

>     There are diodes that work just fine but I just don´t remember
>     what type right now. I know that SM2CEW and SM3BDZ uses
>     doides with excelent result in their DAF boxes.
''Excellent results'' are not intermodulation distortion products of 
minus 22db.  


-  Rich..., 805.386.3734,  

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