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[AMPS] Home Brew Tubes

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Subject: [AMPS] Home Brew Tubes
From: (Lamb)
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 05:10:48 -0700
Hi Billy:

Actually, I have been looking for a negatively charged vacuum mine for a
project of my own.  With the new demands for frequency, I believe there is a
tremendous potential in advancing the entire frequency spectrum below zero
hertz - the negative frequencies.

Larson Rapp, W1OU, wrote an article in QST.,  I think it was the April 1955
issue, about the negative frequency spectrum.  He outlined the potential,
and proposed using a hetrodyne approach.  But, nothing more was mentioned of
the idea.  Possibly, the hetrodyne approach does not work.

Your newly found vacuum mines may be just the ticket to explore the negative
frequency region.  The only questions are whether the vacuum must be blown
into a vacuum tube and whether there are circulating electrons depending
upon whether one is in the northern or southern latitude.

Please send me some of your vacuum for testing purposes.  Be sure to package
it properly.  I have heard that when UPS handles vacuum packages, they are
likely to arrive with large outward bulges in the packages, due to careless

73,  Colin

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