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[AMPS] Oil Filled Capacitors

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Subject: [AMPS] Oil Filled Capacitors
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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 07:09:46 -0700
>> Herbach & Rademan has 32 ufd @ 4.5KV GE units listed in their catalog
>> $39.95 each (new). Look in their on-line catalog under the category
>> storage capacitors; although when you get to the page with the caps,
>> lists them under "Energy Storage/Filter Capacitors" (?)
>I have always been told to not use energy storage capacitors in HV power
>supplies for filtering purposes.  I tried, unsuccessfully to find a GE
>data sheet on the above mentioned cap ( 28F2023G11 ) to see what the
>manufacturer had to say about it.
>Has anyone actually used one of these caps in a plate supply?  If so,
>please let us hear about your experience with it.
/\  I ran a ripple-current vs. heating test on two.  They got  warmer 
than regular filter caps.  However, for SSB use, where the duty-cycle is 
c. 15%, energy storage capacitors should do ok provided they are operated 
below their peak-V rating.  
cheers, Ken

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