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[AMPS] Oil Filled Capacitors

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Subject: [AMPS] Oil Filled Capacitors
From: (Peter Chadwick)
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:26:50 +0100
Rich said:

>energy storage capacitors should do ok provided they are operated 
>below their peak-V rating

Do they have a rating in terms of maximum discharges of so much energy per
second or whatever? If so, it should be possible to equate the energy back to a
ripple current.

One would expect that for energy storage, you would want the lowest ESR, since
the discharge is usually a short duration, high current, and high ESR really
hammers the energy storage under those conditions. Low ESR is what you would
also expect to want for minimum heating in a filter cap; however, you would need
to get the ripple current equated to the maximum discharge current. 

On the face of it, they should be OK. My experience with big energy storage
electrolytics was that even in a tuned choke filter, so they didn't get the
ripple current of capacitor input, they didn't last.

At the risk of raising Rich's ire, I'd suggest that as well as his strictures on
voltage, the ripple current rating needs establishing as well. That may take
some math - well, sums 


Peter G3RZP

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