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[AMPS] Label Stock for Laser Printers

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Subject: [AMPS] Label Stock for Laser Printers
From: (Joe Subich, K4IK)
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 17:51:26 -0400

> Does anyone know where I can get adhesive backed label stock
> for laser printers. I am interested in both clear and white
> background material with a durable gloss finish that won't pick up
> fingerprints, etc (e.g. address labels won't do). My main interest is
> in labelling homebrew equipment, antenna switches, etc, so the
> adhesive should be something long lasting that resists lifting. 

Check with drafting/electronics supply sources ... there are 
"self-laminating" labels designed for both dot matrix and laser 
printers.  These have an area which takes the print and a clear 
"over wrap" area ... all with an adhesive back ... which, when 
wrapped around a cable provide a secure, easy to read, semi-permanent 

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to specific information on 
the supplier of the labels we used at a former employer. 


   ... Joe, K4IK 

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