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[AMPS] Making PC boards/Silkscreen

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Subject: [AMPS] Making PC boards/Silkscreen
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 06:08:56 -0700
since the H2O2 has one more oxygen atom than the water that it is diluted
with, the molecules are larger. Just pour 17 bottles of the H2O2 though a
filter, and you'll be left with 1/2 bottle of 100% H2O2. Add in 1/2 bottle
of the water that passed through the filter, and you'll have one bottle of
50% H2O2. The other 16 bottles can then be sold for two dollars each as
filtered water for yuppies.
Jim Smith, KQ6UV

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Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 6:00 PM
Subject: Re: [AMPS] Making PC boards/Silkscreen

> Billy: In my "for what it's worth " dept, I brewed up some of your etching
> solution with what I could get and it didn't work. the h2o2 from the
> is undoubtedly way to weak (3%) I'll go look for some better stuff in the
> next few days and see what I can do. Ispent 45 minutes watching the stuff
> just now with a small piece  of pc board 1.5 in. sq. mol.So much for that
> !!!comments from others tells me the peroxide was the problem.  Oh, well,
> tomorrow is another day.  73 for now.
>     carl / kz5ca

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