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[AMPS] Making PC boards/Silkscreen

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Subject: [AMPS] Making PC boards/Silkscreen
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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 09:31:28 -0700
>Sorry, Microsoft feature means the attribute markers are messed up.

Chortle.  About a week ago, I got a telephone call from a Microsoft 
survey.  The first question:  "Do you think the Justice Dept's lawsuit 
against Microsoft was justified?"  I answered "yes".  They said goodbye, 

-   From Fog City Software, Inc., Bill Gates hired one of the main 
architects for their Claris E.mailer application/program, the top-rated 
product in the *Los Angeles Times* review of e.mail programs.  For one 
thing, Claris E.mailer does attribution marks correctly in up to five 
levels, and it shows them in five different colours.  One would think 
that hiring the gut from Fog City would have improved things in Redmond.  
My brother in law writes a compter-technology column for a Ventura County 
Newspaper.  He wondered about the same thing, so he contacted the ex-Fog 
City employee at Microsoft and asked him why Microsoft's e.mailer apps. 
lacked some of the innovations of Claris E.mailer.   In a nutshell, the 
guy blew a 20A fuse.   Microsoft "innovation" has gotta be some kind of 

cheers, Steve  

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>Date: 06 July 2001 12:07
>Subject: [AMPS] Making PC boards/Silkscreen
>Greetings Carl,
>It would probably take over an hour to author a letter telling exactly how
>to do the silkscreen method of making PC boards.  However, if there are
>enough in the group that would be interested in learning how, I could take
>the time to write about it Many years ago, I did a demo for a Ham Radio Club
>where I started with the tape-up layout and produced a finished etched and
>cleaned ready-to-use 4" X 6" board in 16 minutes flat.
>I am planning a website devoted to that task in the near furture--say by
>***I, for one, would like to see the full info.
>But if you get your hands in the solution a transdermal  thing will happen
>and eventually you will have Amonium Chloride (from the Amonium Hydroxide
>reacted with Hydrochloric Acid)  get into your urine and you'll flunk a U/A
>for methamphetamine.
>*** I imagine the other reason for failing the test is more fun. One place I
>worked years ago had a home brew gold plating unit. There were ampules of
>amyl nitrate with built in 'snorting tubes' in case of cyanide problems. It
>always surprised me that they were still there.
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