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[AMPS] New 3cx800a7 and 4cx1600b Svetlanas

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Subject: [AMPS] New 3cx800a7 and 4cx1600b Svetlanas
From: (paul goble)
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:38:39 -0500

Measuring the GS-23B (4CX1600 equivalent?  Why isn't this tube called the
4CX1500 equivalent??) sitting in front of me with a set of Starret professional
calipers, I find the anode radiator to be 3.53+ inches in diameter.  Were you
perhaps thinking of the GU-74B (4CX800 equivalent?) with anode cooler diameter
at 2.8+ inches diameter?  These physical measurements would, by the way, seem
to agree with the "official" Russian specs and diagrams, copies of which can be
seen at and,

I also took an 8877 out and measured it - as you say, anode radiator diameter =
3.34 inches, about 0.19 inches smaller than that of the GS-23B.

SO, I'm not sure what controversy might be growing here - it makes no sense to
me that a 4CX1600 would have an anode cooler with a diameter smaller than 3.34+

Thanks for bringing your concerns up!

73, Paul ND2X/5

Frank & Barb Ayers wrote:

> Paul wrote -
> >For what it's worth (no pun intended), the GS-23B (4CX1600) can be bought
> >(tested and guaranteed) from "Max",, for $75 each
> >just now (he apparently has two; not a common occurrence); the more common
> >cost is $150 to $160 each delivered.
> Seems to me a GS-23B is not the same as a 4CX1600B, but is rather a
> 4CX1600A.
> The "A" has an anode cooler with the diameter of a 4CX800 while the "B" has
> a cooler with a similar diamter to an 8877 or 3.34 inches.
> Frank
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