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[AMPS] New 3cx800a7 and 4cx1600b Svetlanas

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Subject: [AMPS] New 3cx800a7 and 4cx1600b Svetlanas
From: (Remigijus)
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 08:53:02 +0300
Hello ALL,

As I know 4CX1600B is similar to GU84B Svetlana tube....
But one my friend every time telling me that GU84B is 4CX2500....

Anyone have an idea where to find "dictionary" for Svetlana
tubes convertion from Russian to USA standart? Have saw
one, but there is very few tubes we are talking about here.

As I have found:
GS36B - 4CX400A
GS23B - 4CX1600U
GI7b - AEG LDa
GS35B - 8877/4cx1500A7 (but they looks very different!!!!!)
GU13 - 813
GU43B - 4CX1000
GU91B - 4CX1600A
GU74B - 4CX800A
Can anyone confirm or correct this list?
Any help and information will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Remi LY2MW

At 21:58 2001.07.19 -0400, Frank & Barb Ayers wrote:
>Paul wrote -
>>For what it's worth (no pun intended), the GS-23B (4CX1600) can be bought
>>(tested and guaranteed) from "Max",, for $75 each
>>just now (he apparently has two; not a common occurrence); the more common
>>cost is $150 to $160 each delivered.
>Seems to me a GS-23B is not the same as a 4CX1600B, but is rather a
>The "A" has an anode cooler with the diameter of a 4CX800 while the "B" has
>a cooler with a similar diamter to an 8877 or 3.34 inches.

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