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[AMPS] RF110 manual

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Subject: [AMPS] RF110 manual
From: (yo9fzs)
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 11:58:40 +0300
Hello amp fellows,

Some time ago I needed some info about the
Harris RF110A linear and didn't found it on the web.

Now I have the RF110A Instruction Manual (nr. 1932-0005)
including the diagrams and service instructions.

I intend to scan it and I'm interested for
someone to put it on the web.

I allready scanned part of it, A4 format, 1 and 8 bit gif format
and will take more time to scan the entire manual.

I can send up to 4MB once, on every working day.
Also if anyone else interested, let me know, but take
care about your mailbox size.

Traian, YO9FZS/p, Bucharest

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