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Subject: [AMPS] 813 amp
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Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 09:36:59 -0700
>I had a 3 x 813 amp for a few years on 75 meters.  Never had a problem with
>it.  Ran 800 watts out with 2500 volts on plate.  Was unbreakable.  Used a
>muffin fan for cooling.
>Worked 135 countries on 75.  "Upgraded" to an amp that has final tubes that
>cost over $500. Output power almost doubled and almost no one can tell the
>difference (3 db).
//  Amen, Colin.  An old timer once told me that it takes a large 
increase in power to make a difference at the Rx end.  On the air tests 
proved his wisdom.  

>Now, I have to wait 3 minutes for the filaments to come on.
// I have heard 80m openings that lasted c. 3-minutes.  

>73,  Colin  K7FM
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