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[AMPS] full tilt 813's`

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Subject: [AMPS] full tilt 813's`
From: (skipp isaham)
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 09:35:39 -0700
re: 813 supply voltage 
One of the more infamous West Coast types used a 
4 hole, then expanded out to 6 a tube 813 amplifier 
with nearly 4KV on the plate.  
This famous "Wescars Check-in Amplifier"  is where 
I learned that the mfgrs max supply voltage was not 
a max value written in stone...   and could easily 
be "pushed up." 
813's were so cheap back in the 80's he just kept 
a couple of sets of spares around if required. 
Using the amplifier SSB only, he never had a  
problem and the amplifier still has the original 
tubes on board (now retired as he's not as active 
on 40 these days). 
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: From: "steve" <>
: building new (to me) 3 hole 813 amp. 
: about what kind of power out can i
: expect if running plate voltage at about 
: 2800 to 2900 volts. driving with
: about 135 watts. just building for 160 to 
: 20 mtr bands.   tnx fer any info.
: steve

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