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[AMPS] True Or Not True #2

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Subject: [AMPS] True Or Not True #2
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 20:54:27 -0500
As I said, that was in the '50's.
One of the best CW ops in the world is Balder, DJ6SI.
He uses a cheap Yaesu on his expeditions with only
the SSB filter in line. He can not only hear like you can,
but hears only one station at a time, apparently.
Phil, K5PC

> Good CW ops can hear well below noise. It is common. -2dB is
> really not anything exceptional at all Phil.
> I can clearly hear a tone and copy CW when the noise power is ten
> dB greater than the tone power, even when the bandwidth of the
> noise is restricted to 500Hz. It becomes more and more difficult
> however if the noise is "filtered" so it becomes more and more like
> a tone. I do very poorly with near unity S+N/N and 80Hz filters
> because noise power is concentrated on the same frequency as
> the desired tone.

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