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[AMPS] 8122/4662 Substitute??

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Subject: [AMPS] 8122/4662 Substitute??
From: (yo9fzs)
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 12:45:14 +0300
Hello Phil,

and thanks for info.
It seems that (almost) all hams who use the RF110A are bypassing
the 8122 drivers and use passive grid configuration.

Other way, why to attenuate the 10 to 20W out from the transceiver
down to 100 mW level and then  to use the hard to find and
extremely expensive 8122 10W out (250W in) amplifier?
The very low IMD from the A class 8122s are of no use after
the 2SC2879 13.8 volt class B/AB stage...


Phil Clements wrote:

> > >I was also interested for this.
> > >I had search for russian 8122 replacement for
> > >a Harris RF110, but I found none.
> The pair of 8122's in the Harris RF-110 amp are set up
> for 100mw input, and 10 watts out to drive the pair of
> 4CX1500B's. There is plenty of room on the 8122 RF deck,
> which is easily removable,to substitute a suitable tube to
> do the job. I also have a mod in my files to bypass the driver
> and feed the 4CX1500B's directly.
> (((73)))
> Phil, K5PC

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