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[AMPS] SB-1000 mods?

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Subject: [AMPS] SB-1000 mods?
From: Mike" < (Mike)
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 02:57:45 -0700
Wouldn't the 4CX5000 tend to have a larger filter capacitor, and thus
a bit more energy to dump, or is peak current the real concern? With
Rich's example of the 10 ohm glitch R in the SB-220, and assuming some 
stray R in caps and chokes, you are still talking about a peak current
pulse on the order of 180 amps!! Seems like an awful lot of current. What 
can the average plate choke withstand??

Mike, W4EF...........

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Subject: Re: [AMPS] SB-1000 mods?

> > In any case, the glitch resistor is one of those components that needs
> > to be located in a cooling air stream.
> > 
> > Any idea how to get hold of these resistors in small quantities  at
> > reasonable prices? Now it's Monday, is somebody gonna call 
> RCD?
> I'd suggest people check manufacturers. I'm sure many have stock 
> components that will do.
> For example, Ameritron has a variety of globar resistors and also a 
> 400 joule 13 watt dissipation 1500 volt 10 ohm resistor as a 
> standard component. A series combination of 10 ohm resistors 
> would be a fairly inexpensive solution.
> The resistance actually needs to be selected by the ruggedness of 
> other components, not just by voltage. For example, a 4CX5000 
> can take a big current whack compared to frail small tube like a 
> 4CX800. With the 4CX5000, your biggest worry is other 
> components like RF chokes and screen regulation systems.
> I don't think X ohms per volt is a good rule, although I suppose it is 
> better than nothing.
> 73, Tom W8JI
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