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[AMPS] About triodes, tetrodes and IMD

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Subject: [AMPS] About triodes, tetrodes and IMD
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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 13:52:38 -0700
>2 wrote:
>>>According to articles on 
>>>at least 4CX250B amplifiers must have good screen regulation
>>>in order to achieve even acceptable IMD performance
>>//  True.  However it is my opinion that this is "hyped" by some of 
>>those who sell such regulators. 
>Yes, I do sell screen regulators - but I don't sell hype. 
>What I sell is based on clear technical information. It's on my website
>for anyone to see, and above all I want people to do their own thinking
>and form their own opinions.
//  Shoddy zeners produce shoddy dynamic regulation.  My experience has 
shown that operating zeners at their max. dissipation rating is not good 
engineering practice.  
cheers,  Ian

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