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[AMPS] Distortion, amp design, and 813s (newbie alert!!)

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Subject: [AMPS] Distortion, amp design, and 813s (newbie alert!!)
From: (Barry Kirkwood)
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 12:03:32 +1200
Triode connected gg813s are being used with great success all over the
world. There are plenty of them in ZL.
I do not have personal knowledge of use of more than a pair of them. They
have rather high output capacitance, therefore a tad of series C from plates
to the tuning cap is a good idea.
They have an excellent repute for stability. As they have little gain at VHF
many have been used OK with no VHF parasitic suppression at all.
Go for it.
Barry Kirkwood PhD ZL1DD
Signal Hill Homestay
66 Cory Road
Palm Beach
Waiheke Island 1240
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Sent: Thursday, 20 September, 2001 5:17 AM
Subject: [AMPS] Distortion, amp design, and 813s (newbie alert!!)

> Greetings,
> The latest IMD thread has been very educational and
> inspiring.  Thank you all!
> My questions are probably old ones but being new to
> the sport..... :-)
> Anyway I'm about to embark on my first linear project.
>  Having never built an RF I decided I'd like to try a
> 4x813 setup.  1: because the 813 almost requires a
> hammer to take it out of service, and 2: there's just
> something really sexy about the tube to me.  ( poor
> reason, I know )  I also have several of them and
> almost zero dollars invested in them. I've been
> looking through some of Mr Orr's earlier books and
> there are several examples of class B linears for SSB
> use but I'm wondering how these would fare by todays
> standards?  How 'bad' would they be?  Even in a
> push-pull circuit?  With NFB ???
> I intend to build a grid-driven setup with bias and
> screen supplies and will hopefully be able to apply
> what I learn to subsequent projects using some of the
> more delicate 4-400s and 4CX1000s I have.
> Soooooo many questions.
> Thanks again all.
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