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[AMPS] coax connector ratings

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Subject: [AMPS] coax connector ratings
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 10:27:30 -0400
>   Does anyone know the current ratings of type "N" and "UHF" coax
>   connectors at HF into a purely resistive load.

N and UHF connectors vary widely, depending on installation and 

For example at 30 MHz , a few UHF connectors will fail at 2000 
watts (Radio Shack connectors for example) and quite a few N 
connectors will fail.

If you examine a 50-ohm N connector, you will see it has the same 
approximate pin dimensions and air gap as a regular BNC 
connector. I make it a rule to never use "N" connectors where I 
wouldn't trust BNC connectors for power handling. As a matter of 
fact if you remove the locking assembly from a BNC male, it works 
as a quick connect 50-ohm N male!

In the practical world, N connectors handle much less power than 
good quality UHF connectors. UHF connectors have much wider 
airgaps, and much larger contact areas. UHF connectors also have 
more area to dissipate heat. So in the practical world they are 
easier to install and MUCH more rugged.

N connectors are great if you are at upper VHF and UHF, but are 
not worth the bother at lower frequencies. The major problem with 
UHF connectors is you have to watch how they are made, and not 
buy poorly manufactured connectors.

73, Tom W8JI 

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