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[AMPS] Blowers, and CW Practice (?)

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Subject: [AMPS] Blowers, and CW Practice (?)
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:06:14 -1000

> The Henry amps, using a blower and chimneys, moved a 
> lot of air.  My last Henry, a 3K Premier with a 3CX1200A7, 
> had a 220V blower that must have been made by Pratt-Whitney, 
> because it sounded just like a DC-9 taking off.
> Which is one of the reasons I sold the amp.

One of many nice things about my Henry 8K,  the RF pedestal
is remote from my operating room.  And,  yes,  the blower is
very loud!  Guess it is needed for the 3CX3000A7 tube,  which
uses some 300 watts or so just to heat the filament!  But,  it
produces an amazingly clean sound on the bands,  per reports,
and I keep it throttled back,  via low drive power,  to the legal 
amateur band power out -- will last the rest of my lifetime,  then my
son in California can inherit it,  hi.  It is constantly monitored
for Pout via an RF Applications VFD SWR/Power Meter; also
a Bird 43 with 2500 watt slug is always in line.

BTW,  I plan to begin my CW practice sessions again on Monday;
I suspended them after Sept.  11th.  And have had many requests
to do them on 20 meters as I have for Hawaii on 40 only.  That is,
do these sessions up somewhere in the SSB band segment;
I can then give oral instructions/comments/read backs of what
has been sent to my "students";  that format is very popular
out here.  You will be able to hear both the SSB and CW
quality signal from the Ultra 8K beginning next Monday
evening,  mainland time.  Tentative plan is to begin at
0230 UTC up near the top of the band,  14345 +/- QRM.
Then,  I will repeat all again at 0500 UTC on 40 meter for
Hawaii and US West Coast areas at 7088 (which is
within an available SSB segment out here in KH6 land).

Transceiver will be a Ten Tec Omni VI+ with the 2.8 kHz
Inrad 754 filter in the transmit chain for great CW quality.
So,  you can hear the "famous" TT CW note and the signal
amplified via the 8K together on both bands!  Just leave your
rig on SSB,  I adjust the CW xmit frequency to put a 700 Hz
tone right at the USB frequency for 20;  LSB for 40.

73,  Jim  KH7M

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