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[Amps] al80a

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Subject: [Amps] al80a
From: (carl seyersdahl)
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 18:35:40 -0400
 In my FWIW dept. I looked over the entire amp and didn't find anything of
conncern. I did find a burned resistor which turned out to be in the
external 12vdc line. , but no burned bandswitch contacts, no evidence of
anything unusual, but still I knew something was wrong.
 I tried something interesting , tho, I took the tube out and laid it on the
bench and hooked up the filament with jumpers , connected the ohmeter
between the fil and the grid and when I fired it up, there it was, about 30
ohms between the two terminals !!! So, now I know the tube is no good. I
should have a known good one tomorrow to check it out. In the meantime I
have seen several things that need to be done. glitch diodes, glitch
resistor, new suppressor unit, etc. Live and learn (or re-learn??)
  carl / kz5ca

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