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[Amps] 6A rectifier diode choice

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Subject: [Amps] 6A rectifier diode choice
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Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:53:34 -0700
 1n5408s will do 12A 24/7 in FWB service.  An example would be 2, 
4cx15.000A/8281's in RTTY service running 12A @10kV=120 big ones.

>I have been using BWY96E's and 1N5408's in FWB rectifiers up to now, for my
>latest project I would like to use a 6A diode. What is the preferred choice
>for best price/performance ratio?
>Conrad G0RUZ

-  R. L. Measures, a.k.a. Rich..., 805.386.3734,AG6K,  

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