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[Amps] 3-500Z parasitic wows

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Subject: [Amps] 3-500Z parasitic wows
From: Ian White, G3SEK" < (Ian White, G3SEK)
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 08:37:34 +0100
John wrote:
>  I have been around a lot of amps .....   Every amp that had a parasitic
>blowup episode used a 3-500Z  . I'm talking TL -922 , SB-220 , AL 80 , AL
>80a ,AL82,  SB-1000 , Drakes, Viewstars & more ... If it has a 3-500z
> WILL someday hand grenade,  I had two go off next to me , my friends
>SB220 & AL80.... blowing parts everywhere & dreaded grid to filament
>shorts.......I have no confidence in that tube. Every time I use an amp with
>a 3-500z in it , I am waiting for the big bang .....

Coming back to this "rules of evidence" thing: how do you *know* it was 
a parasitic, from the evidence it left behind?

73 from Ian G3SEK         'In Practice' columnist for RadCom (RSGB)
                            Editor, 'The VHF/UHF DX Book'

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