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Subject: [Amps] digital pics
From: (Steve M)
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 15:25:42 -0500
Many of these cameras have excessive time lag, a medicore "atom bomb" flash,
[no nice off the film metered flash as was common with 35mm], poor pics
indoors, barely acceptable lenses, too much time between shots, they eat
batteries, the list goes on.
       Get a 3x optical zoom, macro, capability to use aa bateries, [get a
set of
nimh and a charger].
    Keep your 35mm for prints and slides. Use digital because it is handy,
fast, and realtively cheap, [if you stay away from the high end and
expensive printers].
        Stay with the brands you have heard of. The big ones in digital are
Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Fuji with other big names bringing up the
rear. If the lens looks like junk, it is. Remember garbage in, garbage out.
      People with a dial-up connection won't appreciate your high resolution
megabyte pics. Neither will ebayers with no patience to wait for high
resolution pics.
        How much resolution will your coputer monitor show?
I bought a 1.3 mega pixel olympus with 3x zoom a while back. The reason was
my high opinion of their 35mm optics. This lens is fast enough but
resolution is only adequate, and chromatic aberration and barrel distortion
are bad on some subjects.
      I wish I had spent more for the Olympus slr with the real lens on it.

Steve  wd0ct
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> I would recommend the Canon S200 for a first digital
> $350 incl 128 meg CF card
> It's rugged, has automatic lens cover, metal case,
> fits in the shirt or pants pocket comfortable (no matter
> what you end up with fancy camera wise, with
> something that you will carry all the time,  you'll
> take lots of photos!)
> 2 mega pixel 2:1 zoom, audio, movies, USB, video out,
> fast charge LI ion battery
> I've used Kodak DCS100, Olympus C-700, Canon D30,
> Sony Mavicas(assorted). The S200 is the best all around
> for snapshots, travel, and unplanned photography.
> Ginger flower, old pali highway trail, Oahu, last month.
> is a good resource prior to
> camera store visit.
> -bob
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