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Subject: [Amps] digital pics
From: (Phil Clements)
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 18:12:50 -0500
>  People with a dial-up connection won't appreciate your high resolution
> megabyte pics. Neither will ebayers with no patience to wait for high
> resolution pics.

Amen, Steve!
Now that I am a "full-time" E-Bayer, I have found that a sale can easily
be lost by having large and/or hi-res pix in the ads. Also, when E-mailing
to some of the el-cheapo providers, you will exceed the capacity of the
mail box on the other end causing a rejection letter back to you complete
with the attachments!

>         How much resolution will your coputer monitor show?
> I bought a 1.3 mega pixel olympus with 3x zoom a while back. The reason was
> my high opinion of their 35mm optics. This lens is fast enough but
> resolution is only adequate, and chromatic aberration and barrel distortion
> are bad on some subjects.
>       I wish I had spent more for the Olympus slr with the real lens on it.

I am very dissipointed with my Olympus D-400 Zoom. You have to edit
forever to gey even a mediocre result. Years ago when I bought it, the
wait-list for a Sony was 6-months+. That should have told me something.

To all ampers....sorry for the non-amp bandwidth, but pictures are worth
a thousand words when trying to show fellow builders what you have built,
and as a sales tool. Some day the reflectors will allow them when we all
get high-speed wireless gear.

Phil, K5PC

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