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[Amps] Yaesu FL2100B to 6 Meters?

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Subject: [Amps] Yaesu FL2100B to 6 Meters?
From: (Scott R. Hotchkiss)
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 18:09:55 -0400
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From: "Steve Katz" <>
Parallel 572B's don't lend themselves to 50 MHz operation.

What about 811's ?

I have RF-deck socketed for 2 x 811 or  572's  in 19" rack
with filament xfrmr + 12v relay xfrmr - no HV supply
5 pos band switch and torroid tank L set up for 10-80m
also a small 19" cabinet small enough for a medium/large desktop.
Probably could fit a HV supply inside.
Have schematic for deck + schematic for [missing] HV/PS   originally had
sorry, no pictures.
$75 as-is dusty - you ship.

Scott / W4PJ

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Yaesu FL2100B to 6 Meters?
> Has anyone done a conversion of this amp to 6 meters? I would really like
to correspond with someone who has actually converted one.
> Ron, KA9ALC

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