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Subject: [Amps] hENRY 2K-3 FAN NOISE
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 17:51:33 -0700
Tube cooling fans are like aircraft engines.  You always want one louder
than the guy chasing you.  And, when they become silent, you need to start
thinking about qrp or qrt.  

73,  Colin  K7FM

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 > Date: 8/28/02 9:49:17 PM
> Subject: Re: [Amps] hENRY 2K-3 FAN NOISE
> Hi,
> Why all the fuss?  There has been lots of talk about noisy fans...
> > vibration (superior balance) and better CFM control. For those wanting
> > relatively quiet amps, remote blower mounting might be an
> > option.
> etc.  I can see the requirement for quiet fans/blowers and for 
> remote mounting if one is in the broadcasting business.  But why 
> not just put headphones on, and place a small, directional mike (if 
> you use a mike at all ;>) right near your mouth, and let the blower 
> BLOW!?
> I've got a fai- sized squirrel cage blowing over my 4cx1500b, full 
> speed, all the time, and the tube gets, well, warm during the busy 
> times of a CW contest.  Air and cool are the friends of amps... 
> quiet isn't necessarily good!
> 73,
> George T. Daughters, K6GT
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