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Re: [Amps] 4K Ultra Restoration

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Subject: Re: [Amps] 4K Ultra Restoration
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Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 10:45:09 -0800
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The OEM 4K-U Blower is a Dayton
"Blower Ref. No. U63 No. 7063-3295"
"230V 1410/1610 RPM, 50/60Hz., .75/.72A"
The above info was taken directly off the blower motor case.  The P/N in the
Henry Manual is an internal Henry no.  It does list it as a 325 CFM blower.
73, Mike K6QD

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Subject: [Amps] 4K Ultra Restoration

> Well, I found a 4K Ultra, brought it home, and started to clean up the
> of cigarette tar that this amp had been subjected to.  Not a pretty sight
> but fixable.  My first surprise was finding that some previous owner had
> replaced the original 240VAC blower with a pair of 115VAC muffin fans
> connected in series.  Does anyone out there have a blower that will fit?
> Can someone tell me what was the original blower used in the 4KU?  Looking
> at the Grainger catalog, it looks like the only one they sell that could
> possibly work is the Dayton 4C869, which is 230VAC @ 1600 RPM but I'm not
> sure of the opening size match.
> Also, I pulled out the 8877 and I believe it is the original.  It has what
> think is a date code printed on the top of the anode cap "7707" and I
> that this is from the 7th week of 1977.  It may be older than the amp
> because the amp uses a ceramic 2000pf Jennings cap in C2, which I
> was glass when the amp was first introduced in 1971 and later on they
> started using the more modern ceramic cap.  My amp does not have a serial
> number label so I don't know how old it really is.  I haven't gotten the
> deck off the cabinet yet so I don't know how many surprises are under
> The amp was operational when I first saw it about a month ago although it
> took about 100W to get 1500W out of it so I am going to have to replace
> 8877.  Anyone have one for sale at a reasonable price?  Ultimately I am
> planning on installing the new Eimac 3CX1500D7 but for now I just want to
> clean it up let it make RF.
> Help is appreciated,
> Bob Maser  W6TR
> Valrico, FL
> Bob
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