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Re: [Amps] 4K Ultra Restoration

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Subject: Re: [Amps] 4K Ultra Restoration
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Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 12:17:09 -0600
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Does the 4k Ultra use the same blowers that Henry put on the 3cx3000a7 RF
Plasma decks? If so, I may have a spare in the attic. I'll try to dig it out
today and get the make and model #.

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Subject: [Amps] 4K Ultra Restoration

After doing an inventory of my HV wire, I find that I have 17' of the real 
good stuff - 40KV.  It is not enough to wire up a man-size amp but it will 
be enough for the 4KU.

Regarding cleaning the tar, I find that Tuff Stuff that can be bought at 
Walmart for under $3 works great and it supposedly wont discolor paint. 
Tarn-X works great for restoring silver plated material but it really stinks

and you have to watch out for it as it contains acid.

After finally getting the RF deck out of the upper cabinet, I find that the 
tar deposits are very light.  I don't want to get into removing that group 
of 3 ganged tuned capacitors so I was relieved that they look good enough. 
Cleaning up the chain drive mechanism turned to be a snap.  I'm waiting for 
the Service manual that my good CA buddy W6RU up in B-field sent me. so I 
can make sure that the timing is properly set when the tune knob is turned.

Still looking for a replacement blower.  I did find the Dayton number 2C917.

$125 at Grainger but I can't buy from them because I don't have their secret

handshake.  Does anyone have input as to how noisy the stock blower is in 
the 4KU?  The one I bought was really quiet but when I got inside it turned 
out to be 2 stacked muffin fans that one of the previous owner/klugger had 
substituted.  Maybe he didn't like the blower noise, who knows.

Anyway, I'd like to get this amp on line before my A78 goes down the road 
later this month. John, W4DJ, you really did a nice job on your A78 
restoration. $400 for a Peter Dahl xfmr  Ouch!!

Bob  W6TR 

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