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[Amps] Henry 4K-Ultra Restoration

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Subject: [Amps] Henry 4K-Ultra Restoration
From: "Bob Maser" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 12:04:35 -0500
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All the wiring has been completed and now I am waiting on a blower.  The 
stacked German muffin fans only produce .25" of water pressure and the 2 
3000 rpm blowers in my junque box both measure 1.3" and they are LOUD!!! 
I am fortunate to own a genuine manometer that came with a floor model amp 
supposedly built by Lew McCoy so air flow measurements are simple.  Lew 
actually mounted the manometer on the front of the cabinet.  I thought it 
looked neat until a couple of ham buddies cracked up about it. I used the 
actual RF deck with the tube plugged into its socket to make my 

Bob W6TR 

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