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[Amps] SELL: Hallicrafters 32B

Subject: [Amps] SELL: Hallicrafters 32B
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 13:02:19 -0500
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Continuing to reduce my inventory of vintage equipment! Offering a fully
functional, all original, Hallicrafters 32B transmitter. Unit has been 
taken out storage after several years,  tested,  and is making about 100w
of output power. OEM  fan is super quiet. Meter swings freely. All knobs
are original and function perfectly.  Panel meter needle has some minor 
white showing under the red paint due to flaking.  There are no bangs
dent or dings on the enclosure.  Includes the 11 pin accessory socket.
The original manual is in perfect condition except for the cover. It has 
partially torn along the spine (seam). There is evidence that an  attempt
was made  to repair it with masking tape. The interior pages are near
perfect with all pictorials and schematics included. $410. Sorry, but due
to   its size and weight, it will have to be picked up in the Scranton,
PA  or New York City area. Ron W2CQM/3 
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